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hi, I am

Wai Ling

Founder of Sole Kleen.

I started out as a dish cleaner in one of the restaurants in my neighbourhood at the age of thirteen. 

Since then, I took up various part-time jobs and began working at Nike when I graduated high school. I worked at Crossover Concept Store shortly after and I began making new friends who possess a similar interest in collecting sneakers. This was the place where I grew and learned more about myself. It was an eye-opening experience because I had the opportunity to observe and discover the gap between market trends and consumer needs. 

It inspired me to provide shoe care to people who love shoes as much I do, thus bridging the gap between what is offered in the market and meeting the needs of consumers.

Many may perceive that shoe cleaning is a time consuming and lowly job, but to me, “Dirty hands are a sign of clean money.”

I founded Sole Kleen when I was 21 and I believe that it is synonymous to my identity. Shoes have always capture my attention before physical appearances, thus we are offering more than just shoe cleaning; we create and fortify shoe impressions.

At Sole Kleen, we are passionate and determined to leverage our skills to educate the public on the importance of shoe cleaning services and contribute to environmental sustainability. One pair of shoes saved, is one less pair of shoes waste.

Sole Kleen

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